Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanks to Kirk

A restaurant does not run on food preparation and service alone, it must have its accounting done. There I was slaving over a hot spreadsheet when an ecstatic Kirk comes by. Kirk is our guru of procurement, he knows all, does all and finds all. He shoves a jar of open capers in my face with a plastic spoon and sez “taste these”. I told him no way. I love to cook with capers but eating them out of a jar by the spoonful, not for me. He went on to rave about these ‘jewels’ and insisted I try them.
Fortunately I did. The taste was astonishing, a whole new flavor experience. I had another spoonful and made Kirk take the jar away from me before I ate them all. Villa Reale Farmer Style Capers have a delicate taste and yes they are addictive right out of the jar.

Giacomo at Vivande


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