Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Richard Rodriguez Encounter

The summer before last, Joy and I were having a scrumptious Vivande lunch on one of those bright days in the Fillmore, where as no place else in the world, the rays of the sun are greeted with ceremony and adulation. Eating at Vivande is always an indulgence for all of the senses but this day was going to be more.
Looking up from our table I spotted Richard Rodriguez seated at a table near the front of the place. For those who don’t know Richard Rodriguez is an award winning essayist, author and television commentator. No one had to tell Joy this; Richard Rodriguez is her favorite author. Too shy to walk up to him, Joy dashed out of Vivande and a few doors down ran into Browser Books and purchased a copy of “Brown” one of Richard Rodriguez’s books.
Still reticent about approaching Mr. Rodriguez I told Carlo Middione, the proprietor of Vivande, Joy’s dilemma. Nothing shy about Carlo. With his winning smile and Joy’s book in hand he approached the author and asked if he would sign the tome.
Mr. Rodriguez did more than that. He came to our table and, not only signed the book for Joy, but we had a nice conversation about the charm of Vivande. Like us he loved the casualness and quality of the surroundings and food. A wonderful retreat back to Italy right on Fillmore Street!

Ci vediamo
Giocomo at Vivande


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