Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bread and Chocolate? Wine and Chocolate!

I wrote something about this a couple of days ago, and there is more to come.Here is how we described the first of the three chocolates served with the three wines we thought complemented each other the best: “Pistachio-Almond - A double layer of pistachio-almond marzipan set atop creamy almond/chocolate enrobed in dark chocolate, finished with roasted almonds.” The chocolates are tiny, but so are pearls and diamonds.

We poured a terrific 2005 Nero d’Avola made by di Giovanna, a fruit-forward, luscious berry-kissed wine. This Sicilian wine holds its own with many of the world wines available. The Sicilians have made a huge contribution to the wine drinkers of our planet. The wine intensified the marzipan taste, and of course, if almonds aren’t Sicilian, than neither are pistachios (more about them in another blog.)

A tiny bite of chocolate to “set” the moth, and a miniscule sip of wine prepares you for long lovely tastes. A true treat and a rare one. You shouldn’t miss out on this.


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