Tuesday, May 01, 2007


O.k. Turn on the juice.

I did that just three days ago firing up the electric stove in our rented apartment (we have long since given up the huge house with EVERYTHING one could want – downsizing sucks). We turned on one large burner and watched the electric meter gyro as if it was out of control. It was astounding. I am trying to figure out how much it would cost to roast a big turkey for 3 hours in the electric oven as opposed to a gas oven. Gas is my choice and I am frantically trying to get a gas range that is simple, direct, does little else but provide heat with some controls, and is somewhat less than one-million dollars. Of the gas ranges I have looked at I like 30-inch BlueStar the best with American Range as a follow-up, although it is not as clean and Spartan as the BlueStar. Oh. I forgot to tell you, you should have seen what it took to get a gas line installed to the kitchen. We live in a building more than a hundred years old; its charm being more visual than its function and it makes one wonder why we are living in it.

Does anyone out there really prefer electric to gas? I know the cost of installing a new electric service and range is much, much cheaper than gas, but fueling becomes a major issue later on unless you heating up a can of soup. I don’t use canned soups so I make my own. Moreover, if they are big time, delicious ones, we are talking major time on the burner. That meter would probably explode with a minestrone going.

Wish me luck on my quest for the perfect gas range. Anyone out there got a free (Ok, make that cheap BlueStar) they want to provide me for my soup making?

Next, I might take up the issue of ventilation. HooHoo. That is a good one, too.


Anonymous Gina said...

So did you ever convert from elec. to gas? I LOVE cooking with gas and bought a house 2 yrs ago that has an elec. range. I too would love to convert to gas AND there's already a little gas burning heater in the wall in the kitchen, which I wouldn't mind removing, but that's another story...soo, there's already a gas line in the kitchen (right?) so I wonder what the cost would be to extend that a bit to be able to trade out the elec. range for the gas one.....just some thoughts from you especially if you already accomplished your feat of the same.

11:04 AM  

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