Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bread and Chocolate? How About Wine and Chocolate?

I loved the film Bread and Chocolate. To me it was one of the most tragic stories done in such as funny way that many people missed the irony. Now, however, we have wine and chocolates to wile away our time and woes.

The wines are chosen by me and my staff at Vivande. The chocolates I am talking about come from a fabulous, small, artisanal shop Chocolaterie Wanders, in the old fashioned way, with a highly trained, journeyman German chocolatier and his wife, she a trained chef – wow – what a combo. The chocolates are small, hand made entirely, even cut by hand – no molds needed or wanted here (I will explain why in a later blog – stay tuned).

Right now we are offering, in our restaurant, a flight of three wines, and a flight of chocolates together on a beautiful ceramic tray. In the next couple of days I will give you our combinations. Our customers are raving about the chocolates! And lapping up the wine.


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