Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Should have Blewit Today

This morning there is a light rain. The air smells fresh and invigorating – the kind of day one should be looking for mushrooms. If only I had some more time and peace of mind (I guess I could get some if I went into the woods and starting looking for little fun-guys to play with). My wife and I used to go out on days like this with a picnic basket loaded with mini-salamis made by our now deceased friend Bruno Iacoppi – what a terrific guy he was, and the salametti were divine; we had bread, simple prosciutto or ham sandwiches, wine, celery hearts, radishes, green onions, apples, oranges, dry crunchy cookies. It seems like a mountain of food but it was always just enough and soooo good. Usually we had good luck and came back almost always with chanterelle but sometimes boletus edulis (porcini), or armillaria mellia, the honey-mushroom or blewits, lepista nuda (they are light purple and you can just image the Adams Family making infernal dishes with them but they are fantastically tasty). I used to make a simple blewit stew; with dry white wine, a touch of fresh thyme, scallion and that was it; and with bruschetta it was heaven.

Well, back to reality. The stoves and the ovens becken. Ciao


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