Saturday, May 24, 2008

Delicate Olive Oil is Perfect Match With Light Wine Vinegar

Summer harvests that produce ripe vegetables and amazing green salads that pair well with light entrees have been much discussed at Vivande in recent days. Our readers know that Carlo has been touting the attributes of Santa Chiara olive oil and Tiburtini white vinegar. The two together "work like gangbusters," he told me, especially with fruit, fish or seafood salads.

The Tiburtini vinegar is purposely made with dessert grapes, delivering a light and fruity flavour that is haunting.

We had a couple 90-degree days in San Francisco last week, so I made up a light dressing and served it with some fruit and cheeses. Wow! I washed it down with my favourite Pinot Grigio and headed off to Yoshi's. I couldn't get the savoury flavour out of mind.

Carlo and Lisa found some trial sizes of the Santa Chiara olive oil, so you might consider checking out this hard-to-find product with a smaller size.

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