Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Pasta Calorie Counting

I was leaving Vivande Porta Via heading to Yoshi's on Fillmore the other day, when I overheard Carlo talking about preparing pasta.

This reminds me again of the major differences between Italian pasta and American pasta. One can make you heavy and fat, the other fulfilled and full of energy.

In Italy, pasta is central to the sauce. The Italian "sauce" is a favourite vegetable from the garden, or fresh shellfish, maybe a light dose of a delicate olive oil as a finish and a drop of wine with fresh herbs.

In America, the pasta dishes usually take their name from the sauce, too often a rich concoction that overpowers the pasta. It results in less attention on the pasta itself.

So let's stay focused on the pasta and cook it al dente so the energy is released gradually. Nutritionists have measured hundreds of calories difference between the same pasta prepared and eaten in Italy as opposed to the U.S.

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