Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Choosing Olive Oils Is Not Always Easy

Most of the world's premium chefs are well versed in how to choose and use olive oils. That's why you will often see several different bottles next to the savvy chef. Carlo Middione is no different. He usually has three to five oils within his immediate reach.

Carlo chooses an oil that matches perfectly with the dish he is preparing. For example, many Tuscan olive oils are strong. These Tuscan oils hold up well when preparing dishes that require longer cooking times. Olive oil from Puglia is often associated with a bitter taste. Both match well with specific dishes.

Santa Chiara extra virgin olive oil originates in Liguria, where olives are mild and delicate. This makes Santa Chiara Costa Dei Rosmarini one of the most delicate oils available. Carlo uses this product for finishing certain dishes, such as salads, fish, grilled meat, and pasta sauces served at Vivande Porta Via.

Santa Chiara can be difficult to find for retail purchase, but Vivande currently has a good supply. Carlo and Lisa recommend that home chefs give this product a try.

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