Thursday, May 08, 2008

Experiment With White Wine Vinegar

Serious home chefs are not normally hesitant to try new and different pairings. Yet we often find limited experimentation when it comes to vinegars. Carlo Middione encourages his restaurant staff at Vivande Porta Via and his cooking students to view vinegars the same way we view a vintage wine or extra virgin olive oil.

Carlo reminds us that vinegars offer great diversity and discovering new pairings is virtually unlimited. An interesting white vinegar is Tiburtini Aceto Fratelli POFI, made from the Malvasia grape, a sweet, aromatic grape with almond and apricot flavors often found in dessert wines. Tiburtini blends Greco grapes which impart smokey and toasted nut flavours. The grapes are grown organically near Rome and hand harvested. Tiburtini is aged for a full year in chestnut (castagna) barrels, and annual supplies are limited.

So be bold and try different vinegar pairings! You can find the perfumey, fruity Tiburni brand in speciality stores or many upscale Italian delis, or order through Carlo says you can even sip this vinegar straight!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! That white wine vineger did amaze me, and like Carlo said," I could drink this by myself" he is not kidding, the acidity has to be low, I've never had a vinegear like this befor in my life (sorry grandpa, but your wine vinegar has been outdone) my grandfather up until his death at 85 made red wine vinegar, and that's what I based my experience's with. BUT this Poffi brothers almost mystical concoction is everything that Chef Middione say's. Try some before you buy, the retail staff at Vivande is very knowledgable (as they should be) about ther unique products and ask questions, they are very noteworthy about ther oils vinegars and other unique products they sell. You'll be "amazed" by its flavors and complexity. A thinking chef's dream......

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