Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fillmore Street Jazz Festival

Talk about crowds of happy people, the Fillmore Street Jazz Festival was a blend of colorful people, jazz performers, and over 8 blocks of fine art and crafts and gourmet food and beverages. On Saturday the stage just out side of Vivande came the knockout vocals of Kim Nalley. This isn’t only my opinion but I can tell you that most of the visitors to the festival were parked right out side of Vivande to get a look and a listen. It was packed, no getting in or out of the restaurant for four hours. Who cared, the music was great.

Strolling along the eight blocks of Fillmore we past from one sound to the next, up-and-coming jazz fusion and Latin-flavored acts to seasoned crooners belting out jazz standards. It was a beautiful day and all was right.


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